James Gladden ate his first insect at the tender age of 9 to impress a neighbor in early July of 1980. He later aspired to become an entomologist, taking first place in the State Fair. The prize, James conceded, was due to an exquisite arrangement of rare Hymenoptera.

In college James lost sight of his passion for insects and without direction quickly descended in to a reckless interest for media advertising. The irreversible damage caused by the deplorable obsession was only a gateway to further irresponsible acts. Regrettably James soon began shooting photography and injecting color several times a day. The sustained self-destructive, habitual behavior ultimately transformed the once happy collector in to a full blown graphic junkie.

In the end, strung out on Photoshop, James moved to Los Angeles and found himself caught up in a web design and computer programming cult. Under the influence of the cult his love for insects was completely lost along with any prospect of a respectable career in entomology.