James Hamlett

James Hamlett's career in the music industry started in 1993 when he was brought on as a circulation manager for BEAT-DOWN newspaper. BEAT-DOWN newspaper was one of the premier, grass-roots hip-hop publications in the 1990s, and launched the careers of publishing luminaries Haji Akhigbade, Elliot Wilson and Sacha Jenkins who worked alongside Mr. Hamlett. After significantly increasing the circulation of BEAT-DOWN and securing international distribution, James assisted in the transition of the publication from a newspaper into the glossy magazine format in 1994. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Hamlett assumed the role as the magazine's Associate Publisher and penned a popular, thought-provoking monthly column within the Droppin' Science section of the publication. This editorial piece served as a spiritual, motivational and philosophical force during this peak time in the hip-hop era. James also conducted one-on-one interviews with a host of hip-hop legends including Rakim & KRS-One. In his teen years, James made a firm decision to slowly, humbly and diligently develop the melodies, ear and patience required to compose quality music. He started by purchasing a simple Casio keyboard, and taught himself how to play. James keyed melodies and chords over the radio hits of the day. Listening to his favorite songs through headphones enabled James to hear the subtle details of the music, arrangements, and the mix. The idea was to listen beyond the overall sound of the song and into the individual parts that made certain timeless songs the soundtrack of our lives. James has a forthcoming Alternative Hip Hop Album. The collection of work is categorized as alternative because the music does not follow any trend but that of what feels good and resonates musically within the soul. James feels that you cannot attach or create a formula for music that people will love. When people feel sound or melodies deeply within, they somehow will respond to it.