james Hart

IT, Audio, and Engineer in Luton, UK

Simply trundle to the south-west of England, stick a load of radio, music, comedy, coffee, sleep and family into a cardboard box, write my name on the front of it and then send it to Luton via the south coast. A few decades later you'll have a replica of me.

In a cardboard box.

These days I work for a vehicle manufacturer looking after the servers that shiny modern in-car technology relies upon, and the rest of the time I record podcasts and voice-overs, compose & produce music and spend time with my family. I know about radio, and I think it is vaguely aware of me.

I'm an aspiring comedy writer, but mainly a geek; I'll more likely be found writing a script to create punchlines on a computer than for a sitcom. But I'm very friendly, especially when there are biscuits available.

My personal website is at http://www.mus-ic.co.uk. Please pop by!

  • Work
    • GM OnStar
  • Education
    • University of Kent