james Hart

Audio and techonlogy in West Suffolk, UK

Hello - I'm james. I was born in the south west of England and have slowly been making my way east - it's taken several decades, but I've made it as far as Suffolk after stopping in Sussex and Bedfordshire on the way.

These days I work in IT, mainly looking after business critical servers and the like; I've previously worked in broadcast engineering, including commercial and BBC radio. That was fun.

I spend my spare time between playing with technology old and new - from retro home computers to micocontrollers (sometimes both at once!) - and doing more creative things with audio and music; I've written and recorded two albums, and do a bit of audio production for podcasts, talking newspapers and radio adverts.

There's a bit more information about what I get up to on my website: zx85.me. Please pop by!

  • Education
    • University of Kent