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You have an old tie knotted around your forehead. You have a tennis racket in one hand. You have Queen's Greatest Hits in the other. Don't you think it is time you actually got yourself a guitar and learnt how to play Air-guitar wielding rockers and children embarking on a term of after-school music lessons have one thing in common: both would be best served by an instrument of their own.

The problem is that most musical instruments are extremely expensive and, as with gym memberships, most people rarely persist beyond the initial wave of enthusiasm. So, how can you get a good deal Establishing why you need an instrument is your first task. Have you been dusted by the nostalgia fairy and now regret snapping that flute in half after failing your Grade 1 exam? Are you a parent looking for a suitable beginner's model for your child that will not break the bank but still produce a sweet enough sound? Or are you a keen amateur musician who is just looking for a good deal on a new instrument Either way, you will need to brush up on what is currently available on the market. Musicians, like most keen hobbyists, are well served by specialist magazines and websites. Look through as many as you can, read reviews and gauge prices before venturing towards any music shops. It is also worth remembering that your local library is a great resource for music. Many will keep specialist magazines and will often lend out normally expensive sheet music. A library's back issues will be especially helpful if you are looking up reviews for second-hand models. Alternatively, look online.

Before you buyIt doesn't matter what instrument you are buying - piano, trumpet, guitar or piccolo - you should handle and test it before buying. That may sound painfully obvious, but a large percentage of instruments bought today are via mail order catalogues, the internet or classified ads. Even if you end up going down this route, try to test the same model at a local music shop to see if it is suitable. Find your nearest shop via or