James Robinson

I believe that it’s all about keeping IT solutions simple and easy to use - otherwise they won't be adopted universally by the business.

It’s also about thinking outside of the box; not being blinded by corporate policy, or tradition, or red tape, or peoples agendas, or “that’s the way it’s always been done”.

Business today needs to be agile. Needs to adapt quickly to change. Needs to strike at opportunities when they are hot. Needs to nurture innovation.

My key strengths are to quickly identify business IT opportunities and translate them into realistic and easily adoptable solutions, to drive skunk-works research that can evolve into business-wide solutions, and to engage with the business as their true IT partner and to lead the change that truly supports the business to succeed.

I am currently seeking my next exciting new role - so call me on 0448 633 781 to discuss what opportunities you may have.