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Director, Architect, and Consultant in Londyn, Wielka Brytania

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OnPage Optimization

The on-page optimization includes all content side customizations your own page. These include the optimization of page content (including content ) in terms of content quality, formatting, headers etc., as well as technical aspects, such as headers and tags , as well as the internal link structure of the site. Typically an off page optimization is always preceded by an on-page optimization.

Designed originally for search engine meta tag "keyword" is now no longer considered by Google. The same applies to the meta tag "Description". This is, however, may (depending on the query) as text excerpt in the SERPs displayed and should not be ignored.

Another step is the selection of appropriate keywords ( keywords ). This can be done freely available databases, such as a keyword database or MetaGer -Web associator operate. Furthermore, the use of Google AdWords to -Keyword tools, listing alongside related keywords and the approximate number of monthly searches per keyword.

Usually a side for one to three keywords is optimized. Often an extensive page is divided into several pages to optimize them to different keywords. This main and annexe keywords are defined (also primary and secondary keywords) for the respective sides. The keywords with relevant content are combined. One type of optimization is carried out by so-called landing pages (landing pages). It takes the user by clicking on the link on a specially optimized for SEO purposes page.