Dr. Jamie Burton

Professor of Marketing in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Professor of Marketing at Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Director of Research for the Customer Management Leadership Group

Currently working on: servitization/ service infusion and customer feedback and experience.

My research includes:

“Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining: A Linguistics-Based Approach” by Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, Babis Theodoulidis, Jamie Burton, Thorsten Gruber, and Mohamad Zaki, Journal of Service Research, August 2014 (Journal of Service Research ‘Best Article’ Finalist 2014;AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article in 2014 Runner-Up;MSI recommended ‘must read paper’ of 2014 www.msi.org/articles/must-read-journal-articles-from-2014/).

J Burton, J., Story, V., Raddats, C. and Zolkiewski "Overcoming the challenges that hinder new service development by manufacturers with diverse services strategies" International Journal of Production Economics

C Raddats, T Baines, J Burton, VM Story, J Zolkiewski "Motivations for servitization: the impact of product complexity",International Journal of Operations & Production Management 36 (5), 572-591

C Raddats, J Zolkiewski, VM Story, J Burton, T Baines, A Ziaee Bigdeli "Interactively developed capabilities: evidence from dyadic servitization relationships" International Journal of Operations and Production Management 37 (3), 382-400

VM Story, C Raddats, J Burton, J Zolkiewski, T Baines "Capabilities for advanced services: A multi-actor perspective" Industrial Marketing Management 60, 54-68

Lead researcher, author and editor of research repor

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    • University of Manchester
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    • Cardiff Business School, The University of Wales
    • Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester