Jamie Bates

Provo, Utah

If we're being completely honest here I should probably start with cars. I love em'! I probably spend way to much time thinking about them and most definitely spend too much time talking about them - trust me i can tell, i've gotten good at spotting the eyes glazing over look.

Really though, I like cars and have a deep appreciation for most things transportation related.

In addition to that i enjoy problem solving and strategy development, in whatever form it comes in. That is part of the reason why I like my job in marketing so much. That's really all marketing is, there's a problem and one of many solutions and ways to approach those solutions.

Often times this same skill is manifest to those around me, as I offer advice... whether or not it was solicited.

  • Work
    • Director of SEO - Leadgenix
  • Education
    • BYU - MSM - Marketing