Jamie Clark

Internet law hacker in Los Angeles, California

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Jamie Clark is the General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer for OASIS, a global internet open standards and open source consortium. He's also of counsel to the Los Angeles workout and real estate boutique law firm O'Connor Cochran LLP.

Jamie has been a leader, editor, and coach for many global open standards, open source and policy communities, including UNCITRAL's working group on electronic commerce, the rolling plan editing task force for the European Commission's stakeholders panel on open ICT standards, the US ODNI cybersecurity standards coordinating council, and the ABA's long-time Cyberspace Law Committee experts group, which he chaired. He served as staff director for the launch of the Open Mobility Foundation and the NSTIC identity ecosystem development framework.

He started his law practice at one of the New York megafirms at 53 Wall Street, just in time to catch the Black Monday banking crash: learned a lot about complex finance by watching it break down.

In his spare time, Jamie helps run the races and cook the chili for the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club, also doing some advocacy work for California boaters via RBOC, and across the West Coast.

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