Jamie Diamond

Hi, I'm Jamie. I am an aspiring technology and new media journalist, producer, and content creator from Atlanta, GA who recently graduated from the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia in Athens. I got bitten by the tech bug early and made my first website at age 10. Six years ago, I created TechNight, a weekly radio show and podcast devoted to technology and new media. I was previously Director of Digital Media at 90.5 fm, WUOG Athens, and crafted editorial policy for MacApper.com.

In my spare time, I provide media services for friends and clients (web design, theme music composition, voiceover). I serve as an advocate for students with disabilities, doing outreach for the UGA Disability Resource Center (I'm visually impaired myself). I also have a soft-spot for Japanese media (anime, manga, music, and culture).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or find my LinkedIn profile below. My blog is currently under construction and the radio show site is undergoing a redesign. Subscribe or check back on those sites soon for more exciting content.

  • Education
    • University of Georgia, Grady College of Journalism