Jamie Sheasby

All these consume my life in one way or another. My husband Bryan and I created Shez Photography together and occasionally shoot endurance events. I am also an avid digital scrapbooker. I feel without this hobby I wouldn't find photography as interesting as I do, they just blend so well together. Bryan and I have two rescue dogs together, Maxx the Malamute/Shepherd and Pearl the white German Shepherd. These dogs are like my kids and I can't imagine life without their little furry faces. My other hobbies include cooking (and not cleaning up after myself), and reading Kathy Reichs novels. I love country music and wearing cowboy boots. I started as a equine science major at Cal Poly Pomona but left to pursue photography. I'm a native Californian but I hope to leave the state someday. I'm pretty much willing to live anywhere, as long as it has a big backyard for the dogs and a few horses too.