Jana Noritsch

Consultant, art Collector, and Chair of discussions in Berlin, Deutschland

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For more than 15 years I have been working as curator, art consultant and in the fields of private provenance researches. I am a networker, I love to chair discussions, work as speaker, author and lecturer.

In January 2014 I founded the art society Collectors Club Berlin.

Works of art are like an answer to the world - artists convey needs and perspectives, collectors find inspiration and identification here. Like artworks, every collection is individually motivated.

Art can show our perception previously unknown directions.

Encountering artworks has a lot to do with emotional awareness.

✔️ Know-Why: On the way to freeing oneself from too much business pressure and from a rather disturbed understanding of the digital world in the private life, I like to integrate my 15 years experiences in the fields of art mediation, consultation, and business trade in my seminars.

✔️ Know-How: As an expert in art collections and publications, we can train Inhouse or, through my high-profile contacts, I can bring you to a table with other business people (e.g. women only, leaders, entrepreneurs) to podium your topics and strategies OR we talk with artists/collectors/gallerists at their places: I want you to identify what personnel managers as well as solopreneurs can learn from the arts, artists and collectors.

Fees according to individual agreement (but are generally based on the recommendations of the BDVT, the professional association for training, consulting and coaching).

Do not hesitate to contact me: 📍 jana.noritsch@art-collection.expert

Best regards,

Jana M. Noritsch.


▶️ 17 Oct 2018: I am invited to speak about the Perception of art in Corporate collections by Wolfram Roßner/Art Thinking Project

▶️ 16 Nov 2018 moderation of the Collectors' Talks at Art Düsseldorf: The topics of the talks (Fri, Sat + Sun) are collecting, art and cultural politics, presented by the experts Jana Noritsch (Fri), Noemi Smolik (Sat) and Tobias Flessenkemper (Sun).


▶️ 7.9.2018 Collectors Night during the Central German Art Fair (for invited guests only)

▶️ 30.8.2018 Artist-Talk with Sandra Ratkovic (Private reception: "Brexit")

▶️ 24.6.2018 Q&A about Provenance Research by Private Collectors: European Culture Heritage Fair, Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt

▶️ 20.4.2018 VIP Collectors Tour at Art Cologne

▶️ 15.3.2018 33 GUESTS