Janak Mehta

Canton, Michigan

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Janak Mehta – known as an Internet Marketer, a Web Marketing Strategist and a Media Buyer; is a passionate Marketer who thrives on serving, consulting and training business owners and organizations on how to get scale traffic to their website and turning visitors into customers and grow business.

Janak Mehta is the co-founder of PR Easy, a full service Internet Marketing Company based in Metro Detroit. PR Easy helps small business owners with search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, and Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns and various other marketing strategies to help them grow their business. PR Easy is known to increase their client’s business by 10% - 90% within the first year!

Janak Mehta was born in India and moved to the US to earn his Masters in Information Networking, an interdisciplinary degree from School of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Business School at Carnegie Mellon University. He then worked at Bell Communication Research Lab (Now Telcordia Technologies) and Ford Motor Company. While at Ford, he started a real estate investment business, buying and selling $2.4 million in properties across US. He also launched the Local Real Estate Investors Club, growing it to over 300 members.

Janak left Ford in 2007 to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. He started PReasy.com to help businesses get massive results via the web, using his unique process that gives results to his clients!

Janak has hosted live events like Internet Marketing Made Easy, Michigan Marketing Makeover and Sales and Marketing Live, where he shared the stage with the best offline and online marketing experts.

In addition to speaking at his own events, Janak has presented online marketing strategies at live events like Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness in Atlanta, GA and E-Commerce Summit

  • Work
    • Co-Founder At PR Easy and Social Media Michigan
  • Education
    • M.S. Computer Sci, Electrical Engg & Business @ Carnegie Mellon Univ.