Janet Anderson Uszynski

Believer, Speaker, Writer, Founder and Director of Orchid, Women Supporting Women. Social Media and Network Marketing Specialist.

Janet is an experienced leader with a proven track record in leadership, sales, marketing, running companies and the training of individuals for the last 20 years.

Janet's greatest pleasure comes from helping others succeed at what they are doing. In January 2011 she launched an all Women's Christian Social Networking Group that supports three areas, business to business, ministries, charities and foundations along with connecting women for employment.

Janet is a strong believer in God's word, devoted wife and mother. Knowing that no one's life is perfect and we always don't make the right choices or respond in the right way. But learning from the failures, tragedies and successes is what she believes is the key component to live a Joyful life.

Janet works on giving you positive tools to help lead you into the right role through all that life has to throw at you. Knowing that everything happens for a reason and there is always good that surfaces from all situations, disappointments and tragedies in life.

Janet is an athlete at heart and focuses on moving forward in life through Gods Word. She has taken her life in the business world and turned that into growth experiences that all Women can relate too. She explains that through getting closer to Christ and really letting him in, her life completely changed for the better. Her true passion lives in helping Women through different transitions they deal with, troubling times, coping with confidence and not letting the past dictate our future.

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