Janet E. Dandridge

A native of the eccentric Washington, DC,
Janet E. Dandridge had no shortage of inspiration in discovering her life path. Janet performs in film, theater, and television, including a stage production on the social effects of Hurricane Katrina called Walking on Water ; a kid-friendly play on the adverse environmental effects of plastics called Order To Go: The Environmental Effects of Take-Out Food Containers and Utensils ; and in the hilarious web series The Bohemian as Queenie Toyota Washington of the DC Metro Area. Most recently Janet showcased her Improv skills on the hit web series, The Number; and in the Ava Duverney film, All's Fair. She is a background vocalist who goes by the name of Lil’ Mis’ in the Los Angeles-based band, The Milky Way, and is a photographer for Evolution Revolution Photography. Janet always aspires to influence the masses with positive energy, forward progress, and a smile.

Always current: Janet is organizing, establishing, and implementing strategies for community progress via spiritual, political, and social agendas. Contact janet_dandridge@yahoo.com

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