Janet Robinson

Writer, dietician, and Fitness Instructor in Miami, Florida

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I'm a health blogger at janetfitness.com - Where I write about diet and weight loss programs. You can check out my website by clicking the button above.

Some of my most read articles on my blog are: My Review of Wes Virgin's Fat Diminisher (updated), The 3 Week Diet Does it Work and my Review on Raspberry Ketone. I'vealso written a review on pure garcinia cambogia which has been reposted and shared more than most of my other articles combined!

We don't endorse any weight loss or fitness products, but simply stating what has worked for us. Our combination of real life experience and research should be seen as tips, but it's always important to consider the individual differences between people. If you're uncertain, always consult with your physician prior to starting a diet.

You can always get in touch with me or one of my writers by using the contact form on my website. Any tips for what to write about or feedback on the writing is appreicated.

- Janet