Janet Fitzgerald

Master Instructor and Senior Training Officer for SoulCyle

Janet is one of the most successful and well-known spiritual fitness gurus in the industry. She co-founded Body and Soul Workout, the first zen-inspired spinning, yoga, and private training studio in Los Angeles.

Her extensive study of spiritual psychology and self-help concepts combined with a background in dance, fitness, and nutrition makes Janet one of the leading fitness professionals on both coasts.

Her jam-packed spinning classes are based on a foundation of discipline, focus, intention, rhythm, and dance. Janet creates an exhilarating atmosphere with her pioneering teaching style, her deep connection to music, and the ability to lead her students on an inspirational journey towards total self-empowerment.

"When you create your intention, close your eyes, and align your pedal strokes with the rhythm of the music…it’s like a dance. When you can learn to dance and breathe through the challenging moments in your life….all of life becomes a blessing. We are not training to become better spinners…we are training for this exciting journey we call life. I believe in dreams coming true one pedal stroke at a time.”

Janet was featured in Vogue’s exclusive article “The Next Establishment of Women to Watch”, and has been highlighted in Self, People, W, Allure, Women’s Sports and Fitness, Angelino and LA Magazine.