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Content & Communications in Aruba

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JANE PR + specializes in getting you well spread and qualitative press coverage, organizes events and handles all communicaton to the public in general.

Founded by me, Jane Vermaas, a PR professional who obtained her Master degree in Media and Journalism at the Erasmus University in 2009.

After several years of working in the Netherlands in sales, marketing and public relations, I decided to move back to Aruba in 2013 due to a serious case of homesickness.

It was the best choice I ever made.


To create and develop with clients a positive image through news releases, press conferences, events and media campaigns, that will generate public goodwill, establish their brand identity and ultimately results in generating sales.

About me:

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and love to make friends all over the world. With my background in journalism and communications, I have a profound curiosity for people in general, their consumer behavior, cultural backgrounds and political views.

My qualities are in the personal sphere, profesionally I am a born talker, a networker pur sang and in my spare time I like to host events, parties and do charity work.

  • Work
    • Public Relations Manager
  • Education
    • Master Media & Journalism