Jan Gordon

New York area

I have always had a keen eye for blending cultural trends, the right people and emerging technologies to create dynamic new businesses.

We are now in the midst of mass confusion, disruption in every industry, too many people, social networks, publishers with opinions, who can you trust?

I founded Curatti which will filter out the noise, and take content to a whole new level.by helping you to make sense out of information that pertains to your business needs and help you utilize this information to build your business through conversations that barely scratch the surface in our Curatti Hangouts on Air - create insights, come up with new questions, with selected trainings, classes, tools, strategies and technologies and more to come.

Curatti will give you access to the influencers some of you know and some you may not have heard of.

Featuring "People To Watch" with interviews, articles and discussions to give you insights, stimulate ideas and much more. from trusted thought leaders who are doing outstanding things to help shape the future.

Curatti's mission is to help you navigate change by bringing order to chaos through information and direction so you can make better decisions, save time and money and act on this to stay relevant today and in the future.

  • Work
    • Curatti launching 2013
  • Education
    • BA UCLA