Janick Lemieux

Ontario Canada

Janick Lemieux is Love. She acts as a catalyst for getting people Soul-Naked, and ignites their desire to unleash their pure, powerful truth. When asked, “What do you do for a living?” She giggles in reply, “I am an Unconditional Love Lover who gets Naked, Soul-Naked that is.” As mentor, speaker and writer, she inspires all to leap into their limitless lives and get Soul-Naked too. Janick is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer trainer, Energy Shifter, intuitive card reader, Certified Angel Cards reader, Reiki Master and motivational Love-Leader, who ignites powerful transformation by opening one’s eyes to a beautiful, forgotten truth… we too are love. Her story is a story many share, a story of myriad abuses from a tender age, illnesses, financial hardships, bitterness, and a story of alchemy, healing and rising again, in Love. Janick chooses to see past experiences and challenges for what they really are – powerful opportunities for understanding, forgiveness, learning and growth, serving a sole, soul, purpose… To learn to love unconditionally and to use love to unleash the truth of who we are in this world for the evolution of all. Whether you are in the throes of frustration, or at the pinnacle of your joy, Janick’s message will get you peeling off the clothes of humanity to bare more of the magnificence you are.