Radha Ma

Radha Ma

Hello friends,

My first love is that for is at the heart of the Sat Yoga community. As the co-director of the Sat Yoga Institute and wife of Shunyamurti. When not leading classes in spiritual development and holding private Atmanology sessions (psycho/spiritual analysis) for students, she is actively engaged in feeding the community, dreaming up new gourmet recipes, writing cookbooks and planning menus for international retreats.

Radha’s spiritual name symbolises the highest state of divine love, mahabhava and one who thus has total spiritual devotion to God. Embodying this meaning, Radha makes it her daily goal to live in a state of God consciousness, allowing creativity to flow through her being, making the kitchen a place of inspiration, joy, gratitude and endless sharing.

Being an avid food lover from an early age, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area with a father in the restaurant business Radha Ma’s palate was accustomed to the finest foods in life that included both the gourmet and the rustic. The daily life of cooking meals became a reality once she arrived in Costa Rica. Long gone was the easy, spoon fed life of great restaurant eating, and so began the re-creation of her favorite dishes that were now physically out of reach but within creativity’s grasp. Thus began an over 10 year cooking spree and the birth of 'Radha’s Kitchen'. Radha Ma’s Kitchen has held intensive and intense cooking classes for a number of years and Radha Ma continues inventing elaborate vegetarian and vegan dishes for all the spiritual events of Sat Yoga, including spiritual retreats at our Ashram.

Radha Ma magically finds time to immerse herself in her other creative outlets, such as operatic singing, a passion which has run parallel with her spiritual growth and has led to a deep connection with opera’s roots (the angel’s cry, the granting of mercy, the symbolic voice that reaches the real). It is no surprise that one of her favourite cuisines to improvise with is Italian… which is something to sing about!