Janine Zargar

Renowned for her expertise as a health care administrator and team builder, Janine Zargar assists medical organizations to achieve financial success and to deliver high-quality patient care. Since 1998, Janine Zargar has served as Vice President at Doctors United, where she handles public relations matters and aims to create greater awareness about the three Article 28 medical facilities based in Westchester New York and the Bronx.

At Doctors United, Inc., the physicians offer primary care, cardiology, physiatry, family care, podiatry, neurology, chiropractic, and pain management services. Since Doctors United are Article 28 health care facilities, she stays abreast of important legal rules regarding this special designation. Janine Zargar believes that this difficult task is worth the effort because Article 28 hospitals make quality health care available to communities that might not otherwise have access to it. In her role at Doctors United, Janine Zargar focuses on finance, patient privacy, and personnel issues. With nursing schools experiencing relatively flat enrollment and a shortage of medical professionals in other areas of the industry, she emphasizes long-term physician partnerships and seeks to recruit employees who will become committed members of the Doctors United team.