Rosenberg, Texas

I am a mild-mannered public relations director by day but an artist at heart. I love graphic design, HGTV, cooking and reading, reading, reading. I started out drawing with charcoal, and now work primarily in acrylics on canvas. More recently, I have been exploring upcycling, creating art using reclaimed wood and magazines. I have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art, which was way more fun than anyone should be allowed to have in college. My art, like my personality, is in brilliant color. Life is too short for grays. So I say, throw open that paintbox and live a life more colorful! I am constantly endeavoring to live, learn, design and create more responsibly. I sell my work online and at a local sustainable market. I am addicted to reading because I firmly believe education must continue beyond the classroom. Learn in order to grow. Design better to live better.

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    • We Texans
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    • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design