Jan-Joost Schouten

In 2005, I finished my study Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Sciences at Technical University of Delft, with a master in Offshore and Coastal Engineering. For my master thesis I studied the design and impact analysis of large scale land reclamation at the Port of Rotterdam, based on numerical modeling of hydrodynamic and morphological processes. Hereafter, I expanded my practical experience and technical knowledge in the field of offshore and coastal engineering during my work as consultant (and researcher) at Deltares (before 2008: WL | Delft Hydraulics). The work was conducted for the offshore wind market, oil and gas industry, the Dutch Government (safety of the Dutch coast) and real estate developers (e.g. Palm Islands, Dubai).

From 2009 on, there is a strong focus on offshore wind energy related projects. In this position, I am responsible for managing projects on offshore wind farms (amongst others: metocean design parameters, sand waves and scour around monopiles). Additionally, my role is to identify and initiate research topics in order to support the offshore wind industry.

It is my ambition to further develop myself in the field of offshore wind energy and to contribute to the sustainable development of the energy market. In this process, I would like to keep on working on the cutting edge of technical developments in the offshore wind energy market.