Jan Muhammad

I am pursuing a PhD at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom. I work under the supervision of Prof. Richard O. Sinnott and Prof. Chris W. Johnson; my area of research covers integrated security of autonomous and heterogeneous grid environments incorporating service level security and importantly, the underlying security of the fabric upon which these services exist.

The goal of my research is to define and implement a generic fine-grained grid security model for the Grid community which can integrate a range of configuration management tools to support improved security models. This might be for virtual organization (VO) specific vulnerability and patch management or anti-virus software updates for example. This is a challenging problem due to the open and collaborative nature of Grid systems.

Furthermore, the static nature of most current fabric configuration approaches means that applications are often restricted to running on a single environment whose fabrics are carefully configured (by hand) to meet the requirements of the particular application. Until now, security models either address integration of existing grids with agreed trust or use explicit trust models, or they are based on resource allocation functions of Grid fabrics. What is required are integrated tools that allow for VO-specific Grids and fabric management to be seamlessly and transparently established and subsequently managed. This is one of the key areas of my research, where I have explored the extent that integrated tools for Grid and fabric security management can support the dynamic nature of Grids and the impact this has on the associated overall security.