Ilaria Di Camillo

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

I'm an italian, happily married woman, geek and I'm a web developer since 1996.
I'm presently waiting for my residence permit in Montréal, Canada, where I live with my husband since March 2013.

My proven skills at the moment are based on: web developing, web design, UI design, community management, usability in web sites, copywriting, cms {wordpress}, forum {vbulletin, phpbb}, project management, social networking, photography, machinima {sony vegas}.

I worked one year and half in one of the italian Apple Stores (Roma Est) as technician {iPhone, iPad, iPod} and as teacher until March 2013.

I'm a self taught and I like researching to improve my knowledge.
I speak italian, english and french. (still working on them :p)

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