Jan Tucker

qigong practitioner and author in California

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Jan Tucker is a Spring Forest Qigong level 4 energy healing practitioner and an American yogi—not a physical yogi—but a spiritual one. And that means many things.

Yoga beyond the physical can completely transform your life. It can remove your deepest fears. It can peel back the many layers of ego you have created in an attempt to protect yourself. It can help reveal your true inner Self to yourself. Yoga helps you live from a place of balance and peace in all situations and relationships—in everything you do. It is a path to happiness and contentment.

Perfect Inner Peace, an online magazine, is all about helping you create harmony in your life by guiding you back to a very basic way of living. Follow the journey to find out who you are. You don't have to be a yogi or even like yoga to benefit.

Contact me through my website for a healing appointment (in person or long distance). Qigong works on the same principles as acupuncture (without the needles). It can assist in the healing of all types of body issues, physical illnesses, emotional distress, and spiritual issues.

Also watch for my upcoming books about life-changing aspects of yoga—I'm hard at work these days!

Check out my gift to you at Perfect Inner Peace magazine, "10 Ways to De-stress Your Life Permanently."

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