Shirley Jantz

Whidbey Island, WA

Practicing Energy Medicine for 20 years has taught a continual unfolding of optimal health through inner body wisdom, Universal Chi, and Nature's Nourishment. Basing sessions on all three elements, self-healing and vitality are enlivened. leaving mind, body and spirit restored with a deep remembering of Essential Oneness.

It is with Grace these Gifts have come, and with Grace they are offered.

Beginning with Certification in Usui Reiki, Levels 1 and 2 in 1992, my relationship with Nature and myself completely transformed toward Reverence for Life, which in turn has opened deep healing for others, and the Earth.

As Instructor of T'ai Chi and Qigong for the last eight years, and practitioner for 18, I am blessed to learn and teach about the profound Universal Life Force Energy inherent within and around us. Each day, as student and teacher, the possibilities of self-care, nature interconnectedness, and body wisdom are astoundingly revealed.

Foot Reflexology is another branch of Chinese Medicine ~ that opens pathways right where we touch the Earth... with a 'bubbling spring' of renewal. (literally, in the ball of the foot). Professionally trained in reflex and meridian therapy for holistic treatments, though began in childhood to relish healing touch to the f

  • Work
    • Instructor, Healing Arts, Conscious Wellness
  • Education
    • BSBA; Reiki & Reflexolgoy Certification; T'ai Chi & QIgong Instructor