Janus Lorenzen

Recruiter in Denmark

I am a professional recruiter, paid by others, to help you:) - and I am here to help you get the job you want.

I will advise you on your CV and any documents you need prepared for your job-hunt. I will discuss your job approach with you and help you find the right way in. That way we will make sure that you are considered, and not overlooked, for any role you really want.

I will also give you feedback and make suggestions to improvements so you don't miss a good opportunity.

As a recruiter I have a wider and quicker access to jobs than you do as a job-seeker. I have also worked and lived in several of the locations I recruit for, so I will be able to tell you about life and work where you are going. Relocating to a foreign country is a big step and of course it's important to be well informed before making a decision - if that is your job situation.

I will always keep your CV and details on record to be able to match you up and inform you of any new exciting opportunities that come my way.

Don't be shy to write and ask - and no need to dress up your mail in formalities. We are humans here and we will reserve the formalities for later - when are working on your application ;)

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