Jan van der Aa

Consultant, Writer, and Father in Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, België

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Language entrepreneur Jan van der Aa from the Netherlands speaks over 10 languages including Mandarin Chinese and has lived, worked and traveled in 100+ countries.

Jan’s lifestyle has allowed him to meet and learn from the world’s best language experts.

Thanks to his language skills, open mind and intense exposure to foreign cultures during stays in countries like China, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, India and China, he has managed to develop a deep understanding of people from different backgrounds.

Jan has used his language skills managing TopVertaal. A translation agency that specializes in technical translations for all 24 EU languages for trade companies.

In 2016 LanguageBoost.biz was founded by Jan and his Brazilian partner Luca Bighetti. At LanguageBoost we help people from all over the world to learn foreign language more effectively using social media.