Janwin Zeegar-Holman

Hi, I'm Janwin. I am a current graduate student at the School for International Training, working towards my degree in Sustainable Development. Seeing the current state of affairs in the United States and the world at large, I feel a need for youth, particularly young women, to be built up as leaders in their communities. By empowering young women in particular in areas of economic, social, and personal development, I believe that the cycle of poverty, misunderstanding and general unrest in the world can begin to be altered, Women and men alike need to be more self-aware, more secure in their abilities, and more understanding of societal woes and where they fit into the tapestry of narratives that have shaped and continue to shape their lives, for better or for worse. The awareness is one that can lead to a desire to understand, which I hope will lead then to a descontruction of harmful mental and social systems as well as a construction of positive ones. I believe that we all have work to do, and that my work is enabling future generations of young people to see and move towards making change in the global community.