Catherine Meehan

Welcome to my Japan a la mode, a blog devoted to Japanese fashion! You’ll find in these pages posts about high fashion, mainstream fashion, and subcultures in Japan.
This blog was created for my Topic’s in Fashion class, in which I will be spending a semester researching and gaining a greater knowledge of Japan as a fashion capital, and Japanese fashion as a whole.
My name is Catie. I am a senior at Fisher College, currently studying Business Management with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. In 2011 I earned my associates degree in Fashion Design. This part of the fashion world has been a passion of mine that has been steadily increasing as time goes by. In 2012 I had the opportunity to see a panel and fashion show run by Japanese designer Mint of the brand Mint. In 2013 I had a wonderful opportunity to meet designer Ibi of the brand Sixh. In May 2012 I also hosted a panel on Harajuku fashion, which was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life thus far. . A large part of my decision to go into studying the fashion field was drawn from the Japanese subculture scene.
Through this blog I wish to increase my knowledge on a subject I love, and share that passion with others.