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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (アジア太平洋ジャーナル:ジャパンフォーカス) is an online journal providing weekly in-depth analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific and the world. Bringing together scholarship from the social sciences and the humanities, with contributions from journalists and activists, the Journal provides up-to-date analysis of hotly-contested issues of the day.

In the months since Japan's 3.11 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster, the Journal published more than 100 articles offering comparative perspectives. We gathered the links in one page : Please make use of it for classroom instructions, etc.

In addition to regular articles, "What's Hot" provides up-to-date coverage on breaking issues.

Our strong areas of coverage include: U.S.-Japan-Asia Pacific geopolitics; Okinawa and military bases in the Asia-Pacific; East Asia and the Pacific in world economy perspective; war, peace and historical memory (Japan, China, South and North Korea, the U.S.); nuclear weapons and nuclear power; environment; diversity and immigration.

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最近の焦点は福島第一原発の事故、東北地震・津波の関係が多いですが、他にも沖縄を中心とした基地問題、日米関係、韓国、中国、台湾、北朝鮮、アジ アン・アメリカン、アイヌや在日、大衆文化、女性、ドキュメンタリー映画やアーティストなどについての記事など、多様なトピックを取り扱っています。


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