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Our jobs provide us with more than just a paycheck. They provide us with purpose. Identity. Belonging.

There’s a shift happening in the workplace. Terms like culture, employee engagement, and empowerment are becoming commonplace. There are hundreds of new articles and books on these topics published every year. Awareness is at an all-time high - leaders conceptually understand the value employees bring to the workplace. Many speak proudly of their organizations - “OUR EMPLOYEES ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET!” has become a go-to phrase in the corporate communications sector.

But leader’s actions rarely match their words. Most rely on a century old, top-down “command and control” management style that leaves employees feeling like cogs in a machine. They use layoffs to balance the books and please shareholders. In the long run, these companies suffer not just from disengaged employees, but smaller profits when compared to companies with strong, employee-centric cultures.

My job is to help bridge the gap between lip service and action. I help create cultures where people go to work with a sense of purpose, GSD (get stuff done), and go home fulfilled at the end of the day.

Currently on the Disney | ABC Television business strategy team where I work every day to improve company culture. Also into cooking, dining out and hosting dinner parties. Co-captain of the Disney Triathlon Team.

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