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Can you imagine what it would be like to love your job?

Think about what it would be like to wake up in the morning, looking forward to going to work. You arrive, smiling and saying good morning to the colleagues you pass en route to your desk. Or maybe that’s not your thing. Maybe it’s just a head nod; an acknowledgement. I acknowledge you.

As you grab your morning coffee in the kitchen, “water cooler chat” is more than awkward small talk. Janice in accounting is genuinely interested in how your son’s school recital went yesterday. You actually want to know how she’s holding up as her team crams to close the Q2 numbers.

Meetings are more than the Dilbert “time-suck” variety. Real work gets done. Tough, no bullshit conversations are had. Consensus is built. Clarity is found. They’re not always easy, per se. But everyone leaves feeling aligned and ready to move forward.

Lunchtime is an excuse to get away from your desk and catch up with old friends. Or make new ones in the cafe. Or go on a walk to stay centered. You actually have time to take a full hour (what!). Or maybe even an hour and a half. No one notices or cares, because you’re an adult. You get your job done, regardless of the hours spent at your desk.

Imagine what it would be like to still feel energized by the time 5 o’clock comes around. Because you did good work today. You did great work today. Work that matters. You belong exactly where you are.
You arrive home to your family, or at the restaurant where you’re meeting friends for dinner, feeling fulfilled. Positive. Upbeat.

As you get into bed, you reflect on your day.

Today, you forged connections. You built trust. You feel, despite the challenges your business faces, that you and your colleagues are moving in the same direction. Toward the same goals. The same vision. The same north star.

You feel safe.

I believe workplaces like these are possible. My job is to help make them happen.

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