Jared Cummings

Journalist, Consultant, and Videographer in Washington, DC

I am a creative and compassionate communicator seeking to impact people's lives for the better through business, politics, and media.


I currently work for Capital Research Center's Media Department in Washington DC, creating graphics, writing articles, and aiding in all aspects of film, video, and podcast production.

I previously interned for the Independence Institute in Denver, CO as their Capitol Reporter, covering daily happenings at the state house. Prior to that I was the Editor in Chief for CCU.TV (ccu.edu/ccutv), a broadcast journalism program I cofounded at Colorado Christian University. I was responsible for editing all broadcasts in addition to writing weekly VOs, VOSOTs, and Packages on national, local, and campus news.


I was Managerial Consultant for Maria Lake Grazing Association from 2013-2017. I researched and proposed numerous property development solutions that took into account the unique culture, demographics, and market opportunities in Southern Colorado. I presented a 600pg Casebook and one of my proposals (a Wetlands Mitigation project) was ultimately selected and implemented by the board.

Outside of special project research, I specialize in American History and Contemporary Politics. My research and writing has been published by Shiloh Road Publishers in The Founders' Bible (thefoundersbible.com) and also by Capital Research Center (capitalresearch.org).


As a freelance videographer I am passionate about capturing life events and turning them into priceless memories. I post personal projects on YouTube (primarily outdoor adventures), but also contract to produce, film, and edit political campaign ads, presentations, event teasers, highlight reels, and more. I shoot and edit with my own gear and love Chris Burkard's catch phrase "Have Camera, will Travel."

  • Work
    • Capital Research Center
  • Education
    • Colorado Christian University