Tlingit at Large

Student in British Columbia, Canada

I am a Heritage Presenter, Visual/Performing Artist and Sculptor who Has years of experience with Stage Production, Curatorship, Visual Art Creation and Bringing it all together in order to create fantastic experiences for audiences, large monuments, tangible sculpture and advocacy ad a Tlingit At Large. I work with communities, kids, collectors, galleries, arts collectives, government agencies and private sector businesses alike to help them with development of the arts within their community. A lot of my portfolio is traditional Tlingit sculpture and presentation but I have also worked within more mainstream genres. In addition to Public Service Canada’s training as a presenter and a stage portfolio that stretches back to 1992 and I have a Fine Arts Diploma in Sculpture from Freda Deising School of Fine Art. A critical eye and dedication toward successful productions, galleries, collectors and especially people who wear Tlingit Regalia.