Jared Saklad

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Reading is my passion. As humans we are part of this universe; if it was an organism we would be its brain. We are how the universe knows itself to exist. Our mission as the cosmos’s conscience should be to learn as much as we can in the time allotted. Science is our tool to help us understand what is around us, and nothing compares to the power of understanding. I may love science, but truly anything can interest me if I look closely at the details. Therefore, I read about different cultures. I read about religions. I read about the news. I read scientific publications. For some extra fun, I read science fiction. However, learning about something that someone else figured out pales in comparison to discovering something that no one else has ever known. That is why I hope to study as a biomedical researcher in the near future.

Learning is important, but so is health. You don't want a lack of knowledge to lead to poor health just like you don't want poor health to distract you from gaining new knowledge. Keeping both in a balance so that neither are neglected is one of my never-ending missions that I hope to continue later in life. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover something that makes that easier for everyone. That is something I’d like to read about.