Jenna Arnold

Jenna likes to think she is in charge at her content creation company, PressPlay Productions. Tasked with developing strategies that make issues 'cool' and 'applicable', Press Play uses the TV, computer, mobile devices and blackboards to reach unsuspecting audiences. Finding unique ways to make people care about something beyond their Facebook page is PressPlay's forte. Before taking such a title, Jenna was an Education & Media Specialist @ the UnitedNations. She's since created and produced, 'Exiled!', a TV series on MTV (airing in 100+ countries) that takes bratty American teens to live with indigenous cultures around the world. Her other on-air content includes 'What's Going On?' (Showtime) and 'Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life' (MTV). Jenna has a deep understanding on the idea of steering youth toward active citizenship from the many years she spent abroad studying education. She spends a lot of time galavanting the globe advising people and organizations on how to engage potential stakeholders better. She can't spell - but speaks four languages (including ASL), hates writing bios about herself - but really like reading yours and picks up litter…often.