Jarod Holtz

Resumes are outlines. Here is some color.

After eight years in the intelligence community analyzing terrorism, insurgency, and other global threats it became clear to me that the solutions to the problems we’ll face in the next half-century need to come from across institutional boundaries and not simply from government institutions alone. This will depend on ordinary people being empowered and mobilized to help us address these issues in ways that impact their daily lives. I've dedicated my professional life to this pursuit.

I am a relentless tinkerer. Though it has only become apparent to me recently, since I was a kid I’ve been training to become a “master in the art of living” who tries to make little distinction between my work and my play, my labor and my leisure, my mind and my body, my education and my recreation, my love and my religion. The goal is an integrated, authentic, and balanced way of living and acting in the world. Continuously learning about how people and organizations structure, process, and make daily decisions on these very issues is profoundly interesting to me. And I believe the macro solutions for helping organizations adapt and thrive in our volatile, complex, murky world are closely linked to those same problems and solutions.

Current projects include:

+ Fostering a global conversation about how we can increase security and prosperity over the next 50 years without killing each other and poisoning the planet.

+ Designing Learning Journeys for enterprise clients that explore topics like open innovation and iterative design in ways that help them discover how to restructure their organizations and maintain relevancy in an ever-changing world.

+ Building a course on food that that empowers individuals to build tasty, healthy, affordable meals with minimum time investments.

+ Surfing giant waves and finding other ways to scare myself and play in the ocean.