Jaroslav Markus


Jaro is currently leading great group of people dedicated to bringing Joy to theirs and others lives.They try to accomplish that by researching and developing sweet moments of delicious goodness.

They invent delicious.

All have grouped together in 2012 in little town in eastern part of Czech Republic - Opava so they can focus on what you love.

And this is just beginning...

Apart from his job Jaro loves music (plays guitar), photography (of whatever and with whatever has lens), food (that is why you will find only head-shots in this space), rides horses (small ones) and has a little beast to take care of.

Since 2004 he changed his home country 5 times.

Oh yes - he loves travelling and relocating - seriously!!

  • Work
    • Sr. Group Leader (One Tough Cookie)
  • Education
    • University of Veterinary Medicine - Food Science