Jarrod Factor

Melbourne, Australia

Jarrod Factor's work in theatre, music, and film, ws shaped by completing degrees in Creative Arts at Melbourne University, and Film & Television at VCA. Jarrod Factor was fortunate to benefit from various influences over his six years of study and was encouraged to develop a unique perspective on art in general, and a personal voice as an artist. His unease with merely recreating the same projects with minimal growth or progression, and a continuing obsession with achieving unity within the works. Being responsible for so many different elements in an artwork means that it can achieve a singular fluidity and seamlessness. This unity enables him to submerge the audience in the world of the work, creating a transcendental experience.

In 2005, Jarrod Factor was invited to attend the FreshFilm Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, where several of his films were selected for screening, including Insignia (2006), Holding On (2004) and A Short Portrait of Obsession (2004). One of the highlights was meeting other film-makers from around the world, viewing other people’s work, and having the opportunity to discuss creative process and techniques.

Working in theatre, Jarrod Factor came to appreciate the collaborative warmth of that environment, and he brought these elements of other artforms to future film projects – exploring the possibilities of online content delivery to achieve immediacy in film or television; and creating a film environment with the engagement, collaboration and warmt of theatre collaborations.

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