Jarrod Vanderzee

Student in Melbourne, Australia

Hi my name is Jarrod. I am a year 9 student from Melbourne, Australia. I am incredibly bright and work at an A grade standard, along with being on an academic scholarship. I am an exemplary worker and complete tasks to a very high standard. I am very active and enjoy playing high action sports such as basketball and skiing so I am not suited to a desk job.

For several years I played in a branch of the Brighton Wolves basketball team. We were rather successful and got into the grand finale on numerous occasions. Because of this I understand the necessary components for good teamwork.

I have previous work experience as a basketball referee, so I understand incomes and minimum wages. I still continue to do this job, despite a brief respite for injury reasons.

I am very well organised and present myself well. I am very good at organizing multiple tasks in order to effectively complete each.

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