Rev. Jarrod Cochran

Metro Atlanta, Ga

With his trademark brand of humor and honesty, Reverend Jarrod Cochran is a writer, a speaker, and an activist for peace, justice, and social change.

Jarrod is an ordained priest within the Progressive Episcopal Church and is currently pursuing his doctorate through Saint Sergius & Bacchus Seminary.

Jarrod's ministerial background is varied. He has served a pastor for several churches and as a chaplain for both a local Atlanta fire department and an organization that assists the homeless and poverty-stricken. Jarrod has also served as a member, writer, and a listed speaker for several organizations which include Every Church a Peace Church, CrossLeft, and the Christian networking group Social Redemption, and the National Religious Leaders Conference. Through these past positions, as well as his current ones, Jarrod has had the opportunity to see firsthand that Jesus has called his followers to something more than just a religion - he has called them to further the kingdom of God on this earth and be agents of his great change.

Jarrod currently holds the positions of Spiritual Advisor of the Leadership Council of the Progressive Christian Alliance, Media Contact for PFLAG, Client Intake and Coordinator of Volunteers at MUST Ministries-Cherokee, a member of the Clergy Cabinet and featured writer for the interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives, Professor of N.T. Greek and Progressive Theology at St. Sergius & Bacchus Seminary, and serves as a priest within The Progressive Episcopal Church's Diocese of the South.

As a guest speaker and writer, Jarrod enjoys any opportunity to share his faith and empower others to put their belief in the life and teachings of Jesus into action. Jarrod is no stranger to controversy as he regularly tackles difficult issues ranging from our responsibility to the poor and poverty-stricken to the inclusive nature of God. Jarrod not only speaks this message but attempts to live it out by actively participating in a leadership-role with several faith-based organizations and groups that are concerned with bringing together faith and social change.

Jarrod is the author of the top-100 Amazon best seller, Finding Jesus Outside the Box: A Progressive Christian Manifesto on the Journey from Religion to Authentic Faith. Jarrod speaks at various denominational gatherings, festivals, and conferences around the country. Jarrod's work has been featured in sever

  • Work
    • Progressive Christian Alliance, MUST Ministries
  • Education
    • PhD Religious Studies and Theology (currently enrolled)