Jarryl Fordham

I'm Jarryl!

I'm a Detroit native, lived there the 1st 22 years of my life. Now I live in Southern California, a dream come true, a dream I never even thought I'd be able to make come true, but these things have a way of working themselves out when you least expect it.

I started out from as far back as I can remember having a passion for hair, I thought it was the only thing I was good at that I'd be able to do living in Detroit. But I always had a dream of doing something in TV & Film & Voiceover, but I also let peoples definitions of realistic. Needless to say today, right now I make my own rules for what's realistic for me

I am a actor, producer, writer, and voice over artist, I have a little success & experience in all of those above fields, but I have very far to go to make my dreams come true. I want to have my own production company, and see my scripts & production ideas come to life, and work with actors & actresses who inspired me to go for this career.

Currently you can see my work on Youtube. I'm a co-writer, co-producer, and 1 of the main cast members of the series The Legends Panel for the last 2 years. And it's a goal of my partners & I for this show to be our first major stepping stone of success for our company we're building to establish ourselves as professionals in this industry, not just Youtube. Please check us out, we'd love if we could get backed by a production company or distributor so we can support ourselves with the work we do for the show as raise our names in the industry. Any advice or help or business inquiries would be very much appreciated.