Jarvis Buckman

Director of Special Situations in New York

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Jarvis Buckman is a finance professional with an illustrious career. After graduating from Columbia University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A. in Economics, he went on to accept a position at JP Morgan and Chase. Working on the Credit Hybrid Products Team, Jarvis structured synthetic CDO products and even helped to build a multibillion dollar product platform for customized structured notes.

After being promoted to Associate and working a few more years, Jarvis returned to Columbia University where he finished a Master's program and received an MBA in Finance so that he could more specifically focus on fundamental analysis and value investing. He currently serves as Director of Special Situations at Parabellum Capital, LLC.

Outside of finance, Jarvis has taken a deep interest in public education. In the past, he taught a ten week volunteer class titled “Wealth and Citizen Workshop” that educates intrigued students about personal finance as well as personal finance’s role in the economy. By taking the necessary time to offer his insight to the younger generation, he hopes to voice a beneficial perspective that students can absorb and use in forming their own opinion(s).

Jarvis’ long term goal is to start a nonprofit organization that benefits exceptional teachers. He wants to pursue this by paying annual bonuses correlated with the lifetime impact they make on the lives of the students they teach. While that project continues to develop, Jarvis Buckman continuously helps in raising funds for students at Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School, a place near to his heart as it is where his wife is employed. A very unique characteristics of the school is that a majority of the students graduate as certified EMTs, with training providing a competitive advantage should they choose to attend college. Many take advantage of the skill set and pursue any of the various career paths available to healthcare professionals.

When not working, Jarvis enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and children. For more information on Jarvis' stance on education, please visit his website here.

Jarvis Buckman believes in the importance of education and feels that the integration of technology in education is inevitable. He is a pioneer for new and exciting teaching methods through the use of technology, more specifically, virtual and augmented reality.

Jarvis is also a major proponent of financial literacy, as he believes it is a crucial skill in life