Jason Flavell

Jase Flavell. I hate writing things about myself because i can never think of anything to really say and i'm not a myspace whore who can just sit here and write amazing things about themselves for hours on end. I hate shallow people, i hate people who fancy themselves and i hate people who think they are better than anybody else. I am a very easy person to get along with, i consider myself to be very outgoing and enjoyable to be around and i hope people see me as someone to have a laugh with :)

If I have learnt one thing from life that i could teach or tell anyone else then it would be to always try for what you want and never give up and no matter what. I wouldn't be as happy as i am today if i didn't go for what i wanted and infact i'd still be the miserable person i was last year and before. I hated my life back then and i actually HATE only one person in this world. I used to worry what other people thought and what others would say based upon the decisions i made