Jaswinder Grewal

Life Coach, Public Speaker, and NLP Master Coach in Chandigarh, India

I am a Life coach, NLP Coach,Career Development practitioner, writer and a motivational speaker currently living in Chandigarh, India. I am also the ALL Chairperson Punjab Chapter for Family Health and child-Wellness. I am also interested in photography,music, art.

I am a BSC, MA, BEd, MPhil in English Literature, MBA by qualification.

My various other certifications are as follows:

- Life Coaching certification recognized as ACSTH by the ICF, USA

- NLP Master Coaching certification from ICTA

- Certified NLP Practitioner certification from American Union of NLP

-Graduate in Career Development Practice from Career

- Education Association of Victoria Training, Australia.

- Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

- DMIT consultant

- Access Bar Practitioner

- Art Therapy for Self-healing Practitioner

- CBT Practitioner

Other certifications in the wellness area are: Masters in Reiki, Acupressure, Pranic Healing, Akasha Healing

My programs have helped people to achieve Personal Success while dealing with common life transitions in different areas ofLife, Academics, Career and Relationships through mycoaching empowered with NLP tools and the AppreciativeInquiry Technique, NVC (Non-violent Communication) acrosslevels.

My passion is to live life to the fullest and make a difference at the root level to help create a transformation in all the lives that I touch. I believe that each thought creates a life that we choose for us!

As a Personal Success Coach, my passion, experience, and strengths meet an aching need in world today. What makes medistinct is my personal power, empathy, creativity along withexceptional communication skills and ability to energize theclients. I help motivate individuals towards building a can-doattitude and continues to move towards her ultimate goal ofmaking a difference to the people by supporting them to definetheir vision and realign their path towards their overall PersonalSuccess in life.

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