Jaakko Wallenius


I would like to call myself a thinker first and foremost, as thinking has been my favorite form of entertainment during the last few years. The practical results of my thinking are to be seen in the Being Human -blog at http://beinghuman.blogs.fi/ and at Windows on Humanity -blog at http://littlebook.blogs.fi

New information has always been the best form of entertainment for me. My everlasting love for history started at the tender age of nine, when I did read the 600 pages of The Pocket World History, admittedly skipping the dull parts about culture...

I have studied history, political history, political science and journalism in universities of Turku and Tampere, but have never graduated from neither. A brief but tempestuous political career blew the man prematurely to to wide world from the comforting womb of university.

A more steady career in journalism followed and I was a professional writer and journalist for over 20 years. I retired because of incurable cancer in the November of 2011.
At present I live in a small town of Lohja in a small house with a wife, a still home-living boy, two middle-sized dogs and 14 fish of various sizes. Our elder son lives on his own apartment in Lohja,

I worked for over 20 years as a journalist writing about local economy for our local newspaper Länsi-Uusimaa.

In the evenings and week-ends I blog in my six blogs in two languages and repair the computers of the good citizens of our little town as a private entrepreneur: see http://bittitohtori.com

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