Student in Florida

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1) Nepeta Leijon (Doubles are chill!)

2) Pidge Holt (Doubles are a lil iffy but ok if we have talked)

3) Sayaka Maizono (Dangan ronpa, doubles DM me to follow)

4) Minero (Watgbs, no doubles please)

5) Hinata (Haikyuu, Doubles DM)

Do Not Follow If:

1) You are racist, against the LGBT community, sexist, etc.

2. You have issues with several of my friends.

3. You are a spy!

4. You will take screenshots.

5. You know me from school.

6. (obvious) Do not follow if you're against otherkin/fictionkin!

Ask to follow if:

1. You have issues with one of my friends.

2. You are over 18.

3. You are uncomfortable with rants.

4. You do not know if you know me from school/other irl locations.

Moirail: @dirkbeloved

Kismesis: @neprexi

Auspitice: a rad boy that's not fictionkin named ash

Password: cats are weird