Jasmeet Narang

Jasmeet Singh was born august10,1992 in Yamunanagar (Haryana) did schooling from SANT NISCHAL SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL.It was 2010 after his schooling was over he decided to stand on his own feet and determined that he would not be recognised as an ordinary student and started trying for something big that would change his life .He got admssion in B.TECH (CSE) AT CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY,GHARUAN ,MOHALI .It was 2 years gon just thinking and dreaming big but couldnot do big due to lack of unsupportive surrounding.It was May2012 when he participated in WAGONR THINK BIG CHALLENGE SEASON3.His idea of carpooling made him reached in top ten ideas of the zone .Almost in the top 19 but was unlucky in last round and was out of the show.This was not a setback in his life but he geared himself with more confidence he started believing in his power of ideas and imagination of thinking beyond the box .After the show Jasmeet was fully determined and registered a company named LETSDEDICATE.COM on 3 AUGUST 2012 .He is all set to start his entrepreneurial carrer .Age will never be factor in his success

NARANG SAYS" The best part in me is that i always keep trying. a failure is only another chance for me to make it better next time. For me, the fact that they love me is a success, the greatest success of all."

He also adds"i think its easy to invent a job then to find it. Expand n create jobs thats what i beleive n every entrepreneur should do.
Success is not about money,page3 or media it's about inner happiness in working in field you love to work."
He aim to become a successful enterpreneur.